Kutaiba Majeed

Kutaiba has a rather interesting story. Born in Iraq, he joined the Iraqi Army in 1984. He attended the Iraqi Military College in Baghdad, in 1985 was sent to India to study at the Indian Military Academy. Being good at basketball, Kutaiba played on teams representing his school, town, governorate, and the Indian Military Academy. He served as Instructor, platoon commander and company commander at the Iraqi Military College. He was in Baghdad in 1991 during the U.S.-led aerial bombing campaign that kicked off OPERATION DESERT STORM.

At the rank of Captain, Kutaiba attended the Staff College and received his first Master’s Degree. After serving in the field as Operation Officer, he returned to the Staff College where he worked again as an instructor until April 2003.

After Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kutaiba choose a course of action that changed his life. He decided to work with the Coalition Forces to build the new Iraqi army. In that position he played a leading part in planning and training the new Iraqi armed forces. In November 2004, Kutaiba attended a course on Planning and Mission Execution at a NATO school in Germany.

In 2005, at the rank of Colonel, Kutaiba arrived to the United States to study at the Defense Language Institute and then at the National Defense University. He earned his second Master’s Degree in National Security Strategy.

Due to the security situation in Iraq, Kutaiba decided to stay in the States and live the American dream with his wife and children. He got his first civilian job with GLS as Deputy Director of Training. His vast experience regarding Iraq culture and business requirements have helped GLS linguists and staff with gaining understanding of Iraq and Middle Eastern culture, including the particular vocabulary of the military in a wartime environment.

After leaving GLS, Kutaiba worked as Arabic Language Instructor at FT. Campbell, KY and Instructional Developer at the National Forging Language Center, University of Maryland. He also worked as Cultural Advisor at General Dynamics.

Kutaiba returned to GLS in October 2015. He now serves as Special Assistant to the President, helping senior leaders manage the company’s growing number of international subsidiaries and ensuring GLS operates in full compliance with host nation laws and regulations.

Kutaiba and his wife are active in the Iraqi community in northern Virginia, and he maintains an active network of friends and business associates throughout the Middle East.