GLS Employees Recognized in the Middle East

GLS employee Shirif Shadad works as an Arabic linguist for the CJ32 Force Protection Section within the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Egypt. He was recently recognized for his efforts that have made a significant contribution to improving MFO operations. According to MFO since he started working for them in December 2015, he has translated over 600 products enhancing the capability of the force protection cell to provide assessments and analysis, maintaining the ability of the MFO to conduct operations.

Members of the unit said that Shirif fills a critical capability requirement in the MFO. Because of his level of technical expertise, competence and dedication to the mission Shirif is continually sought out by MFO senior leadership and staff, according to SSG Christopher Hoch. He added that Shirif was instrumental in providing support to the MFO for multiple visits from key leadership in the Egyptian military.

Most significantly, after a terrorist bombing of the Metro jet Flight 9268, Shirif assisted the Force Protection section in South Camp in assessing the current security threat in Sharm el Sheikh. His assistance significantly improved the situational awareness and force protection posture of the Multinational Force and Observers.

Meanwhile, GLS employee Muthana Al Mahadawi was recognized by Australian Brigadier Craig D. Furini for his outstanding support to the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation INHERENT RESOLVE and the CJ5 team. According to Brigadier Furini, Muthana not only translated the slides for a recent Coalition Conference, but he performed almost all of the simultaneous English to Arabic translation during the event. His efforts helped make the conference with Iraqi general officers a success.