Using our skills in languages, culture, and regional dynamics GLS helps Government customers (United States, Coalition, and Allied) operate effectively in high-risk, high-stakes international and multicultural environments.

Level 1 – Language Services: Interpretation, translation, and transcription at UNCLASSIFIED, SECRET, and TOP SECRET/SCI levels wherever Government organizations and military forces operate – in embassies and headquarters, on battlefields, and embarked on vessels at sea.

Level 2 – Cross-Cultural Consulting: Appropriately cleared cultural advisors have the high-level competencies to help Government customers work effectively in multicultural environments where they must interact with people of differing beliefs, values, norms, thinking patterns, and customs.

Level 3 – Global Business Consulting: Appropriately cleared language-enabled Analysts and Facilitators with sophisticated knowledge of the historical, political, economic, religious, cultural, and regional context help Government customers understand the big picture and the back story, develop possible courses of action, and identify potential second and third-order consequences of decisions.