• How do I make a Human Resources inquiry?
  • GLS Employees ONLY: All human resources related inquiries (including employment verifications) should be sent to hcmsupport@gls-1.com. Please include your Employee ID (EID) number with all inquiries. You may also fax employment verification requests to (877) 366-8241.

  • I’m a former Local National Linguist who worked with GLS in Iraq. How to I apply for an Iraq tax refund?
  • Global Linguist Solutions, LLC (GLS) and the U.S. Military thanks you for your service.

    1. All local national linguists on the former GLS contract in Iraq were independent contractors, the payroll records for which are held in Dubai. If you worked for at least 90 days and are within four years of your last day of work on the contract, you may be eligible to claim an Iraq tax refund.
    2. In order to apply for an Iraq tax refund please send the following information to Globallinguistsolutions15@gmail.com.
    3. Full name in Arabic and English
    4. GLS badge number
    5. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    6. Current email address
    7. Your Jensya number
    8. You will be contacted by email for further processing information following verification of your eligibility.
    9. If you do not receive a response from the above address within ten days, please email HCMSUPPORT@gls-1.com.
  • How do I raise an ethics concern?
  • GLS has a confidential hotline that is always available and should be use to anonymously report any possible violations of the Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Standards of Conduct, laws, regulations, or company policies. To report an ethics violation, please call the hotline number (800) 349-7012, or email us at GLSEthicsHotLine@gls-1.com.