Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program provides activities and support that enhance the flow of information and increase the resiliency of our translators and their families. We provide practical tools so our staff members can adjust to overseas deployment and better support the U.S. Forces in the field. And, we seek to enhance the well being of our employees and their families.

The Family Support Program fosters the GLS themes of “Community First” and “GLS Cares” - we believe a happy employee is a more productive team player. GLS is dedicated to helping the families of our deployed staff and to ensuring all the challenges of deployment are dealt with effectively. Our program was designed to create a system of family support that is flexible and that strengthens and supports our families at home. We seek to empower our families so they can meet their loved one's needs, while they are away from home. We believe our families know best what they need.

GLS and the Family Support Program support our mission, staff, and families by providing community programs that enhance the quality of life for our families.

  • Family Support Program Mission:
    • Meet the needs and provide services for Global Linguist Solutions deployed staff and their families by assisting them in understanding the mission and coping with the challenges of family separation.