Ombudsman Program

To ensure that any and all issues that linguists may have during employment with GLS are addressed expeditiously, thoroughly and through the appropriate channels, we have a process in place that allows you to communicate any issues, or concerns directly to us.

  1. In the event that you have a concern, please contact:
    • Your Site Manager (SM)
    • or
    • Your Assistant Site Manager (ASM)

  2. If you feel that your issue has not been properly addressed by your SM or ASM, you are encouraged to contact:
    • Your Deputy Regional Manager (DRM)

  3. If your issue, or concern has not been resolved by your DRM, you are then encouraged to contact:
    • Your Regional Manager (RM)

  4. If, after addressing the issue through the appropriate channels above, you feel that it still has not been resolved, you are then encouraged to contact the GLS Linguist Ombudsman Office: